“We need an app.” — said every random Pastor ever.

I feel like I’ve heard that a million times over the years and my reply is always the same — “what does the app do that the mobile website won’t do?”

I always reply that way because I would much rather invest in a stunning website that’s incredibly responsive for mobile than an app that only mimics what a great website could do. Sometimes though, there’s a really good reason for an app. …

Today on the vlog I talk about how to make a social post in a really cool graphic style that’s trending right now! I love these sticker-style quote graphics. They’re quick and easy to make and they look great!

This style of quote graphic is simple and easy to make!

This style is definitely trending right now on most of your business type platforms, and I’ve seen it used several times lately, often with a lot of engagement and a lot of likes. Here are some of the reasons I think it’s resonating right now:

A) It’s simple and really easy to emulate.

B) Graphically it’s extremely simple and places…

Having a bad creative meeting is the worst. They can be time-sucking energy eaters that leave you feeling drained of creative energy, scattered, confused, and disillusioned about projects. They are essentially, project destroyers. Poor creative meetings can take original and onnivative concepts and turn them into bland, poorly designed junk.

Why do creative meetings go south? What causes them to become “bad” meetings?

Often, there are several actions that take place that move these meetings along the road to ruin:

  • They become laden with opinions about design from non-designers (i.e. keywords like “I think”, “I feel”, etc.).
  • They are unorganized…

You don’t need to just “BE” on Facebook, and Instagram, and Snapchat, and Reddit. Lot’s of people are “ON” Facebook, and Instagram, and Snapchat, and Reddit. You need to be SOLID about what you’re going to do when you get there.

It’s not about just barfing everything you do all over a profile and just hoping that lots of people are suddenly going to follow you. Posting pictures, posting quotes, posting blog links, all of those things are just tactics. Tactics without a strategy are a complete waste of time. …

It amazes me how often you can walk into a meeting and find the vast majority of people unprepared, uninformed, and vastly overwhelmed.

People are called in to communicate the guts of a major event and can often barely tell you the name of the event or when it’s going to take place.

Worse than that, however, are the times where a meeting degrade into a festering breeding ground for one of the worst infection that can live in an organization these days… groupthink. …

Travis Walser

Director of Marketing at Olive Baptist Church | Freelance Content Creator, Strategist, Photographer, Designer | I love connecting with clients and creatives!

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